4 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Colorado Springs

Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Colorado Springs

4 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Colorado Springs

Are you a vegetarian and visiting Colorado Springs? Well you’ve come to the right place! I will share with you the best vegetarian restaurants in Colorado Springs. Although these restaurants do have meat options on the menu they do cater to the plant friendly community, and have the best vegetarian options to choose from. 

I visited Colorado Springs for a long weekend and tried a few different restaurants. To my surprise I learned that this city is a melting pot of cuisines!

They have many restaurants to choose from that all come from different backgrounds. From my experience this tends to mean a good amount of vegetarian and vegan options! When visiting I had the opportunity to try out a few places. Some were hits and some were misses. So from my taste buds to your ears, here’s my list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Colorado Springs.

Here's The Best Vegetarian Resturants In Colorado Springs

All my fellow plant based friends out there will truly love these vegetarian restaurants in Colorado Springs!

  1. Urban Steam Cafe 

This coffee bar and bistro is super cute and has yummy food! The vibe is robot quirky and modern.

They have a fresh and tasty selection of meal options and delicious coffee! This is the perfect place to fuel up before going to Garden Of The Gods. Or the perfect place to grab a casual brew with friends.

It gets pretty busy at this cafe, especially during the summer months so go here early for breakfast or you’ll have to wait for a table. They also accept reservations online.

2. Uchenna Ethopian Restaurant

This was the first time I’ve ever tried Ethopian food, and I can say I was not disappointed! The food is so colorful tasty and great for sharing dishes with friends around the table. 

This family owned restaurant is filled with exotic aromas from Ethiopia, Israel and the Mediterranean. Their menu is gluten free, organic, and very vegan friendly. 

3. Phantom Canyon Brewing Company

If you are looking for high end bar food and local brews— with no wait time, then this place is a must.

When you walk in the front door aka level 1, the restaurant you are greeted by a hostess  and have a view of the beautiful bar counter. Filling up the rest of the space is tons of table seating all around.


As you proceed to the second floor, you walk into an entirely different atmosphere filled with pool tables, which you are more then welcomed to enjoy. 

If you visit during the summer months and want to escape the billiard  grunginess  then I would enjoy dinner and drinks on their lovely outdoor rooftop patio.

Which is exactly what Luke (my boyfriend) and I did!

The vegan shepherd’s pie was a solid 5 stars and with how busy they were I was so shocked at how fast the service was. 

4. Monse’s Pupuseria

I was so excited when I found this place! I haven’t had El Salvadorian food since I visited Maryland. (they have a big El Salvadorian community there, incase you didn’t know.)

Boy do I love a good pupusa! A pupusa is a cornmeal circular flatbread stuffed with beans and cheese, just don’t add the meat.

Reasonably priced authentic cuisine is always a gem in my book. 

To make this place even more special, the best part is that they even have multiple vegan meat substitutes options! 

To Sum It Up

If you’re planning to visit you now you have a good start on the best vegetarian restaurants in Colorado Springs. 

In fact I enjoyed Colorado Springs so much that I even went back a second time! If your trying to figure out the best things to do in Colorado Springs I have a guide on that too.

A helpful tip to remember is that during the summer months Colorado Springs is super busy so I would suggest making reservations or showing up for an early breakfast or dinner.

Hope you enjoy the best plant based options food options Colorado Springs has to offer! If you visit and find other amazing vegetarian friendly restaurants let me know about them in the comments below. 

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