Best Vegetarian Places To Eat in Buena Vista

Buena Vista

Best Vegetarian Places To Eat in Buena Vista

I’ve been eating vegetarian for two years now so when I travel I am always on the lookout for yummy plant based options. Colorado in general is a state that’s more health conscious than others.

Buena Vista, Colorado in particular has delicious food which they do their best to source locally. They do a pretty good job at making sure to have veggie options for the earth loving plant based eaters in their town.

Keep on reading if you’re interested in finding out the best vegetarian places to eat in Buena Vista.

Brown Dog
  1. Brown Dog Coffee

Let me start off by saying, Brown Dog makes one of best vanilla chai lattes I’ve ever had! I don’t drink coffee but everyone from the surrounding towns knows Brown Dog is the place to go to get that perfect cup of joe in the morning.

They have non-dairy milk options, baked goods and a fresh lunch and breakfast menu.

Buena Vista

2. The Simple Eatery

It says it all in the name! Simple ingredients but with lots of flavor. They sell delicious fresh baked loaves of bread and have wholesome lunch and dinner options.

My go to was always the pretzel board and the half sized greek salad with the half sized penne vegetable mac and cheese.

Buena Vista

3. The Blend

This was my go to place every Saturday after my morning yoga class at jalaBlu.

The Blend has nutrient filled sweet smoothies and smoothie bowls to get your day started right! My favorite is the Beach Smoothie.

They have some other sandwiches and breakfast bowls on the menu as well. During the summer months go early because the line will be out the door.

Buena Vista

4. Crave

The newest restaurant in Buena Vista (BV). At first, I didn’t give it the time of day but one evening all the other restaurants were closed except this one. So I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised!

The Gardener Pizza and Vegetarian Lasagna Rollatini were my go to meals of choice! Also, coming from my friend with celiac disease they have one of the best homemade gluten free pizza crust she’s ever had. 

Buena Vista

5. Wesley & Rose

If you want to go someplace with a little more of an upscale vibe I suggest Wesley & Rose cocktail bar, in the exquisite Surf Hotel.

Enjoy a glass of wine and a slice of vegetarian lasagna as you overlook the rapids of the Buena Vista Whitewater Park from your balcony dinner table.

Buena Vista

6. Louie’s Ice Cream Shop

I thought I’d save the sweetest for last! They’ve been around seasonally, from April through October since 2015. They serve small batch, hand-made delicious ice creams, shakes and malts. 

They have dairy free ice cream options and have freshly made waffle cones!

To Sum It Up

These are the best vegetarian places to eat in Buena Vista. In my opinion you can’t go wrong eating at any of these establishments. Although none of them are exclusively plant based restaurants they do have a decent amount of veggie options on their menu.

What I love most about the Buena Vista food culture is that they try their best to source food locally using wholesome ingredients. During Summer and Fall Buena Vista has weekend farmers markets in town with local produce and products if you would rather cook your own meals.

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