7 Ways Reiki Energy Healing Can Change Your Life

Reiki energy healing

7 Ways Reiki Energy Healing Can Change Your Life

If you have arrived at this page it is because you are curious about Reiki Energy Healing. Something has guided you here and you want to learn more about the benefits of this alternative healing method.

Reiki promotes positive overall health and wellbeing, but continue reading to discover seven distinct ways in which Reiki can change your life for the better.

  1. Creates Balance In All That You Do

Reiki focuses on aligning the seven main energy points within the body. When Reiki energy healing is performed it balances all the interconnected systems of the body, mind and soul.

After a session your entire physical, mental and spiritual essence enters a perfect state of alignment. Helping you go about your day, week or month with more ease. A balanced life is a happy life. 

reiki energy healing

2. Relieves Stress, Anxiety And Depression

A Reiki session is performed in a quiet and safe setting. By stepping into a place of peacefulness our fight or flight response is told it is okay to relax.

Our bodies are not meant to be on high alert 24/7. Therefore a Reiki session allows you to enter a state of serenity where your mind becomes free from those thoughts that are causing your daily burdens.

As a receiver of Reiki, your heart rate and breathing slows allowing the mind and body to heal itself.

reiki energy healing

3. Relieves Physical Aches And Pains

Being in a state of chronic stress causes physical inflammation within the body. Therefore, by calming the mind physical inflammation can actually subside.

In another aspect, when the energy within your body is very unevenly distributed it can lead to a build up of toxins. These toxins are what causes disease within the body leading to chronic illness.

Reiki helps to align your energy which releases the toxins within the body, thus releasing physical pains.

4. Helps Cure Past Traumas

Many people attend Reiki sessions because they want to find a healthy way to work through past traumatic experiences. Reiki sessions are in a safe and confidential space where you, the receiver, can come in with an open heart and speak without fear of judgement.

Talking with the Reiki practitioner and setting the intention to heal from these traumas will allow you to leave the space with more love and gratitude in your heart. 


5. Assists You With Major Decision Making

Reiki energy carries a certain high frequency. This tone helps to release old or negative thought patterns. By releasing these patterns of thinking, Reiki helps clear the mind of “what ifs”. Helping you to look inward and find the answer that has been with you all along. 

In this high vibrational state, balanced patterns are free to emerge and the decision making process in your life becomes easier and easier. You now know what does not align with you, so you can choose what does.

6. Helps You To Discover Your Life Purpose

With a balanced mind, body and soul you are now in a state of true alignment. In this high vibrational state you are able to embody your true essence. This gives you the confidence to follow your passions. 

You are free from the fear and doubts that hinder you from fulfilling your life’s purpose.


7. Connects You With Your Highest Self

It’s important to know that Reiki is a spiritually-guided alternative method of healing. When Reiki is being channeled the practitioner is channeling healing energy from the Source of healing itself.

This Source is where your highest self comes from as well. A Reiki session creates a direct connection to this Source, which inherently is your highest self. It’s all connected you see!

When you are in connection with your highest self you are in a state of bliss.

To Sum It Up

Reiki energy healing really does help your overall wellbeing. Your mind, body and soul align giving you the full freedom to embrace your best life!

These 7 major ways Reiki energy healing can change your life are just touching on the surface. Once you actually experience consistent Reiki sessions you will feel and see the life changing results as they adapt to your specific needs.

Energy does not know time or space; it has no limitations. Therefore Reiki sessions can happen in person or over long distances.

If you would like to book a 60 minute Reiki Healing Session or a Free Clarity Call (15 minutes) to ask questions and inquire about my healing style before working together, email me at [email protected]

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