Only Hot Girls Have Stomach Issues: I’m Hot, I Have IBS

hot girls stomach

Only Hot Girls Have Stomach Issues:

I’m Hot, I Have IBS

Yes! You read that correctly. I have “Hot Girl Stomach” and I’m not afraid to share that with the world. 

Hot Girl Stomach is not as glamorous as it sounds. I have had stomach issues my entire life and it’s not fun. My goal is to spread awareness of this gastrointestinal system issue many people feel ashamed to talk about, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It has been a growing trend on Tik Tok where ”hot girls” are sharing their tummy troubles which are often hidden and kept a secret. Not saying that non-hot girls can’t have the same issues but due to the ironic context of the trendy topic, and well, me being a hot girl and all, I had to voice my opinion on this topic. 

Throughout this article you will learn how it took 26 years to actually diagnose my condition, what IBS is, and advice on how to relieve your IBS symptoms.

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My IBS Journey:

Let’s start from the beginning….my mother told me that from the time I was born I had lots of gassiness and trouble digesting baby formula and milk. As I got older my stomach issues became more noticeable, and harder to deal with.

Around my high school years I would feel bloated frequently and would begin to try different diet fads because I thought I was just getting fat! From one extreme diet to another I’ve tried just about every diet trick, hack, and trend on the market. 

I would continue experimenting with different diets and detoxes up until a few years post college. During my college years is when my stomach issues started to amp up  year after year more things started repeating up on me and more foods made me bloated and super gassy. 

In 2017, I went to the doctor about my stomach issues and had an endoscopy done. With results coming back saying my stomach seemed fine and that I had GERD- Gastrointestinal Acid Reflux Disease. 

With this diagnosis from the doctor, and in an attempt to fix my stomach issues, I decided to cut out coffee completely and do my best to avoid other acidic foods such as onions, peppers, red sauces and fried foods. It was around this time that I became interested in wellness and yoga, and started my journey to leading a healthier life in which I wouldn’t constantly feel sluggish and bloated all the time. 

hot girls stomach

Fast forward to 2020, I transitioned to a vegetarian diet which I have maintained to this day. With these changes, I began to notice some improvement and thought a plant based diet with a small amount of dairy consumption was the solution to all my stomach woes. 

Oh but yet again, I was wrong… at the age of 26, my stomach issues persisted. 

It is now Spring of 2022, and I have moved across the country to the Pacific Northwest. I have been noticing more extreme bloating and sharp stomach pains on the top center of my stomach. Sometimes, it is so debilitating that I can not even walk. 

It has gotten to the point where I am scared to eat anything other than a basic mixed green salad and my routine morning vegan protein shake. It became super depressing and I felt like I couldn’t enjoy my life. No more eating out at restaurants with friends, a hesitation to travel… and forget about wearing high waisted pants!

IBS hot girls stomach

I was sad and upset. I had to get to the bottom of this. As reluctant as I was, I decided to see another doctor, hoping this time they could help me figure out what the hell I’ve been struggling with my entire life and more importantly, how to fix it! 

A friend from work suggested I see a Naturopathic doctor. They are considered primary care physicians that are able to diagnose, prevent and treat illnesses in licensed states. However, unlike conventional doctors, they begin treatment with more natural medicinal remedies rather than jumping right to pharmaceutical medications.

The day came just 3 months ago where I finally got diagnosed with IBS-C. Since then, I’ve been working with my naturopath physician to find natural lifestyle changes that can help alleviate my IBS symptoms and make living with Hot Girls Stomach a bit more bearable. 

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What is IBS?

Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, is a group of symptoms that affect your digestive system. It’s a common but uncomfortable gastrointestinal disorder. People with IBS get excessive gas, abdominal pain and cramps.*

IBS is categorized based on the type of bowel movement problems you have. The treatment plans can differ depending on the type of IBS you have.


There are 3 types of IBS: IBS- C, IBS-D, and IBS-M. 

IBS with constipation (IBS-C): Most of your poop is hard and lumpy.

IBS with diarrhea (IBS-D): Most of your poop is loose and watery.

IBS with mixed bowel habits (IBS-M): You have both hard and lumpy bowel movements and loose and watery movements on the same day.*


People with IBS tend to have excess bacteria in the GI tract and their colon muscles can contract too much or too little. This causes various symptoms such as bloating abdominal pain, excess gas, and irregular bowel movements. 

Various food and emotional stressors can greatly impact IBS. What is difficult about IBS is that the treatment plans are not the same for everyone.

How To Cure IBS?

As of now, there is no known cure for IBS. Unfortunately it is a lifelong chronic digestive issue that can be alleviated and tamed but never fully cured. However, there are ways to help with flare ups. 

If you have similar symptoms and feel like you may have IBS I recommend seeing a doctor first, whether it is a General Practitioner, Naturopath, Gastroenterologist or Dietitian, going to a licensed professional is always the way to go so you can receive a proper diagnosis. 

With that being said, common treatments that have worked for me are consistent lifestyle and nutritional changes. 



The perfect diet for you may be different than what works for me. It all depends on your IBS type and other allergies and dietary restrictions. Foods that affect me negatively might not cause any flair ups for you, but with that being said, a good place to start is with a low FODMAP diet. 

The low-FODMAP diet reduces certain kinds of carbohydrates that are hard for people to digest.

It’s often prescribed as an elimination diet to identify food triggers in those who have functional gastrointestinal disorders, such as IBS, according to the Cleveland Clinic.* 

Overall, eating a wholesome well balanced plant based diet as much as possible is what I find to be the most helpful. Also, avoiding caffeine, alcohol and carbonated beverages will help with debloating. 

IBS cure


I will always go for the natural way of fixing health issues before making drastic changes and relying on prescriptions for the rest of my life. So with that being said, vitamins and natural supplements have been the way to go on my hot girl stomach journey so far.

I will spare you from reading my long list of daily supplements but the one for IBS I do think is worth mentioning is a great probiotic. Probiotics help balance your gut bacteria, helping you process food normally. 

Check your levels with your doctor to see if you are lacking in any other nutrients and look into a customized supplement plan for your specific needs. 

Since mental stress, anxiety and depression can all heighten IBS I recommend consulting with a doctor to see if prescription medications might help you as well in this department. 

Hot girls stomach


Daily exercise helps with bowel movements. My favorites include yoga, hiking and pilates. 

No smoking and limited use of sipping from straws or chewing gum. These activities cause excess air to fill up into your stomach causing more bloat. 

Intuitive eating is a big factor. Smaller portions and knowing when to not over stuff yourself, which would cause more bloat, is key. Also, eating in a calm environment sends signals to the brain to help in the food digestive process. 

To Sum It Up:

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, I’m a hot girl and I have IBS! I am so relieved that chronic stomach issues are becoming a topic we can openly talk about now. Throughout my entire life, I never thought about just how many other women and men might be going through the same daily struggles as I was. 

Food is something that we should enjoy and celebrate, whether peacefully alone or with loved ones. Stabbing abdominal pain and being so bloated that I look 3 months pregnant is not hot! 

IBS is a genetic lifelong gastrointestinal issue that can be suppressed by lifestyle and nutritional changes. I encourage all those out there who are experiencing these issues to consult with a physician but also take some of my advice into consideration.  

I have struggled with IBS and GERD for almost 27 years and I am proud to say that I am finally on the path to relief. My life no longer feels as limited as it once was. 

I hope that this article helps all those struggling with IBS and other chronic gastrointestinal diseases realize that they are not alone and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

Share this article to help bring awareness of these issues and to help rebrand Irritable Bowel Syndrome into Hot Girls Stomach. 

 *Research used from the Cleveland Clinic 

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