11 Best Holiday Gifts For Travel 2021

holiday gifts for travel

11 Best Holiday Gifts For Travel 2021

Do you know someone who’s a travel feen? For this holiday season give your nomadic loved one a gift that can assist them in their lifestyle. This holiday gift guide is perfect for your vagabond friend or someone in your life who would appreciate gifts that will be useful on their next vacation.

Keep on reading to find out 11 best holiday gifts for travel.

holiday gifts for travel
  1. Blundstone Boots 

My boyfriend got me the Blundstone Classic Chelsea waterproof boot for my birthday this year. It’s a little extra money for the waterproof version but it has a removable Sherpa lined foot bed, so if you’re like me and are a chicken in the cold these are worth the extra $30.

2. ONA Camera Bag

If your loved one is a traveler who loves photography ONA brand camera bags are a helpful gift.

They are made of high quality materials and the camera bags don’t look like typical camera bags, which is helpful when traveling to prevent theft. With an extra stylish bonus.

holiday gifts for travel

3. Passsport Holder

Any frequent flyer would appreciate a passport holder because they help protect their passport, have handy pockets and some even come with a tiny pen inside, Plus they are cute!

4. Scratch Off Map

A fun gift for your loved one with a long bucket list! Every time they visit a new state or country they can scratch it off the map. It’s a fulfilling way to see where they’ve been and figure out where they want to go to next.

holiday gifts for travel

5. The Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge book is a fun gift to give to anyone really! If your loved one is a big traveler then chances are they like adventure and trying new things. This book has all of that appeal but without having to travel far from home, if at all.

You scratch off a mystery activity and have enjoy! There’s one geared towards couples, family, or friends.

6. Portable Charger

Portable chargers are underrated but if your loved one does any form of traveling they are a useful gadget. 

Nimble portable charger is the one I would suggest. I like it because It’s eco-friendly and powerful.

holiday gifts for travel

7. Perfume Atomizer

Men and women alike may want to bring their favorite perfume with them on vacation but why go out and buy a $25 or $30 smaller version of the perfume bottle you already have at home. Use a perfume atomizer!

You can easily fill these travel sized atomizers with the exact amount of perfume you want from your full size bottle, which saves you money in the long run.

holiday gifts for travel

8. Travel Blender 

A travel blender is a handy gift for the health conscious traveler. There might be a few options on the internet but the one I suggest is the Blend Jet! It’s a powerful little cordless blender that’s rechargeable. It’s good for making protein shakes, smoothies, and sauces for meals.

9. Base Layers

You can never have too many thermals and base layers. I’m all about comfort so if I’m traveling somewhere cold layers and more layers are the way to go! They are good to put under a cute outfit so that you stay warm and still look fashionable. They are also necessary for winter activities and adventures.

L.L. Bean has some good options but there are tons of good brands out there to choose from within your budget.

holiday gifts for travel

10. Luci Light

If your loved one is more of an outdoorsy traveler and they don’t have this Luci light then you need to get it for them. It’s a solar powered inflatable light with 4 light settings, and the newest model has a usb port. They will thank you for the convenience it gives them.

11. DNA Kit

This may be an unexpected option for a travel lover but I think it’s one they would appreciate. If travel is your life then chances are you’re probably interested in history, and with that comes an intrigue of your ancestral lineage. 

Ancestry.com or 23AndMe.com is a fun way for your loved one to learn more about where they come from. Who knows, it might even surprise them!

To Sum It Up

Whatever your budget may be, one or multiple of these holiday gifts for travel will surely make your loved one feel grateful and happy. Travel type gifts are particularly helpful because they are practical and enjoyable to use. 

You will be content in knowing that your gifts will aid your friend, family member or significant other on all their travel adventures.

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