11 Best Holiday Gifts For Mindfulness 2023

holiday gifts for mindfulness

11 Best Holiday Gifts For Mindfulness 2023

For this holiday season bring some mindfulness and calm into your loved one’s life. This holiday gift guide is perfect for your yogi friend or someone in your life who would appreciate mindful and serene gifts.

Keep on reading to find out 11 best holiday gifts for mindfulness.

holiday gifts for mindfulness
  1. Oracle Deck

Oracle cards are the perfect gift to give someone who is looking to progress on their spiritual path. These cards are simply tools used to connect with your intuition and highest self. 

When picking a deck out for someone, take time to connect with their essence and ask for guidance on which deck will correlate with their energy. My favorite deck is A Yogic Path by Sahara Rose.

2. Smudge Kit

To bring ease and peacefulness into your loved ones life, give them a smudge kit. When used, this will help them clear energies but also assist in adding positive energy into their life. You can buy smudge sets already bundled or you can DIY your own. 

I think creating your own kit can add an extra special touch. To do this you should include a Sage smudge, Palo Santo, candles, smudge bowl/dish, and maybe even a crystal.

holiday gifts for mindfulness

3. The Astrology Birthdate Book

Understanding your astrology chart is a good way to help someone look inward. It can help them to identify with traits and patterns in their life and is a fun way to learn more about themselves.

This particular astrology book is customized to your loved one’s birthdate. Even engraved with their name on the front. Making it an extra thoughtful gift!

4. Acupressure Ear Seed Kit

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing art that focuses on putting pressure on certain areas of the body. This helps release muscle tension, promotes blood flow throughout the body, and relieves stress.

A nice way to introduce this to someone is by gifting them an Acupressure ear seed kit. There are over 200 pressure points on the ear that correlate with different aspects of your body. So by following the ear pressure point kit instructions your loved one can receive a small taste of what acupuncture benefits entail.

holiday gifts for mindfulness

5. Singing Bowls

If your loved one has started on the path of spiritual mindfulness one of the best gifts to assist them in their journey are singing bowls. Tibetan or crystal singing bowls can be  fun tools used to connect to a higher frequency. 

They can be fun to learn how to play and are assistive in chakra balancing, among other healing benefits.

6. Tea Infuser & Organic Teas

This gift is perfect to encourage a peaceful evening at home. Giving your loved one a tea infuser set along with a variety or organic teas will pair perfectly with their evening mindful journaling sessions.

Teas ease the digestive system and increase relaxation. I suggest buying a travel tea infuser so that they can drink directly from the bottle at home or on evenings when they aren’t home, they can bring it with them on their travels and still enjoy the benefits. 

holiday gifts for mindfulness

7. Plants

House plants can improve health and help create a cozy atmosphere within the home. There are many varieties of plants and some are easier to take care of than others. 

Regardless of which type of plant you give as a gift, the plant will surely bring peace and mindfulness into the home.

8. Spiritual Books

A good spiritual book is a classic gift you can’t go wrong with. Books are the fruits of humanity and are rich with knowledge. 

Some favorites of mine include Polishing The Mirror by Ram Dass, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael Singer, Discover Your Dharma by Sahara Rose.

There are endless options of old and new spiritual books on the market. Ask around and read reviews to figure out which book aligns best with your loved one.

holiday gifts for mindfulness

9. Yoga Studio Gift Card

If you know your loved one attends a specific yoga studio, giving a gift card from there will be very much appreciated. 

Monthly yoga passes can be expensive, so giving them a gift card for a place they are known to enjoy frequently is one the the best holiday gifts for mindfulness you can give.

10. Mindfulness Workbook

A mindfulness workbook is a helpful gift idea because it is a good tool to help one reconnect to source. A self-love workbook for women could also be a good gift in this similar category and can be used as an interactive way to connect with your femininity and help increase confidence.

holiday gifts for mindfulness

11. Chakra Stones Set

I received a Chakra stones gift set from my boyfriend last holiday season and I adore it! It came especially in handy when performing long distance Reiki sessions.

Even if you’re not a reiki practitioner, Chakra crystals are useful in personal meditation practices. Also, there’s something comforting and beautiful about having a completed chakra crystal set. You can find many different ones on Etsy.

To Sum It Up

Whatever your budget may be, one or multiple of these holiday gifts for mindfulness will surely make your loved one feel grateful and happy. Mindfulness gifts are especially thoughtful and are wonderful because it’s a gift that keeps giving.

You can be content in knowing that your gifts will aid your friend, family member or significant other on their mindfulness journey.

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