Healthy Travel Snacks: TSA Approved

Healthy Travel Snacks

These healthy travel snacks will leave you feeling satisfied and energized for when you finally land at your exciting destination.

Airport food is overpriced and can leave us feeling sluggish, so it’s smart to pack your own. Although liquids over 3.4 oz are banned, food is allowed to go through TSA, surprisingly. Here’s a list of healthy snacks your jet-lagged self will thank you for later!

Trail Mix:

Trader Joe’s Macadamia Trail Mix is the snack I always bring with me when I travel. It is hands down my favorite healthy travel snack mix of all time. Filled with healthy nuts and dried fruit, I dare you not to eat all the pineapple! It’s quick to just grab a handful of and keeps the hunger pains away especially when I’m traveling nonstop.

Cuties Tangerines: 

Sweet healthy and delicious! Easily bruised and non-messy fruit is ideal for travel. That’s why I like carrying 3 or 4 cuties in a Ziplock bag. They are easy to peel, full of vitamins and you can just toss the peels in the Ziplock bag to make cleanup hassle free.

Protein Bar:

Protein bars are a staple travel snack. They help keep you energized and can hold you over for a while or until your next meal. My favorites are RXBAR and GoMacro! They are vegan/vegetarian, gluten free, and taste great.

Cup of Oats:

In case you’re on a morning flight and want something a little more filling and breakfast like, Quaker Oats cup of quick oats are perfect. Oatmeal is filled with fiber that aids with gut bacteria and blood sugar level balance. Just ask the flight attendant for some hot water and breakfast is served.

Veggies Pita Chips and Hummus:

The holy trinity of snacks….you just can’t go wrong. The crunch of fresh veggies and pita chips paired with savory hummus. This snack stores well during travel and is packed with vitamins and protein to keep you satisfied during the journey. I usually slice cucumbers, carrots, celery and red pepper. My favorite brands are Trader Joe’s Garlic or Sabre’s Pine Nut Hummus. Trader Joes Pita Chips are also a must have.

Emergen-C Powder

This one isn’t really a snack but it’s a travel staple of mine. Travel may make you feel fatigued and causes  headaches so a dose of electrolytes can give you a little boost. It also has 1,000 mg of Vitamin C which helps boost your immune system. You never know what germs you may come across during your journey and getting sick while traveling is a bummer. You can mix the powder in your water bottle or eat it like a pixie straw and wash it down with water like I do.

I hope this list of healthy travel snacks has prepared you for your next adventure.

Happy Snacking! 

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