Hello beautiful souls

I'm Ariana

A New York City native who loves to escape the city any chance I get. After graduating college in 2017 I needed to self-reflect before entering the corporate workforce so I decided to take my first solo trip to Puerto Rico and devote my efforts to a cause that would uplift humanity.

It was there that I volunteered in disaster relief efforts and helped rebuild homes for those effected by Hurricane Irma and Maria. This was the start of my journey around the world and the beginning of my voyage to self discovery.

Since then I have gone backpacking throughout Europe, lived in St. John USVI while volunteering. Dived deeper into my spirituality on a retreat in Northern California hosted by Vishudda Das and lived in Colorado for half a year. I believe traveling opens the mind while also encouraging us to look inward; assisting us to follow our dharma.

On this blog I share my personal journey, photography, travel tips and mindful lifestyle advice to woman and young travelers around the globe. My goal is to provide inspiration to those who are looking to discover new lands and something new about themselves along the way. 

I am currently based out of the Pacific North West, near the Columbia River Gorge and offer local Reiki energy healing sessions. 

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Reiki is a form of energy healing in which a Reiki practitioner channels universal life force energy to aid in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Whether you are seeking healing, looking for a reset, or are hoping to experience deep relaxation, Reiki aims to restore balance of your mind, body, and spirit.

A Little Bit About Me



I graduated in 2017 from Iona University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. I held the role of Vice President of Communications for the Council of Greek Governance and was a member of Delta Theta Beta Sorority. I also have a certificate in Graphic and Web Design from Pace University. 

After graduating I worked as an audience assistant on the set of ABC’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. After that I started working as an admin/marketing assistant for one of the finest restaurant groups in NYC. Then, starting in 2020 I became a contract virtual assistant for various creative and business firms. I currently work at Holistic Massage of Hood River.


Mind-body connection, nature, wellness, creativity, spirituality and travel are all important to me. I am always learning and evolving. In my spare time you can find me reading a self help book, writing, capturing photography, practicing yoga or exploring the outdoors. I love encountering synchronicities in everyday life, spending time with loved ones and meeting new people. Mindfulness, gratitude and love are apart of my daily life. 


I’m a level I and II Reiki practitioner. I was trained and given my attunement by Reiki Master Willow Pogue, founder of Twin Moon Transformational Arts and the Mandala Collective. After diving deeper into the Reiki practice and understanding the healing it can provide, I now offer Reiki sessions upon request. 

My Favorite Places


Cliffs of Moher, iRELAND


El Yunque Rainforst, puERTO rICO


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Colombia River Gorge, USA


Awakening Abroad

St. John,



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